Guest Post: Yoga as a way to flow with your creative energy by Madeira Giacci

Guest Posts

This post is made by one of the greatest yoga teachers  I have met in the past year, I hope you will find some inspiration from it- thanks Madeira.

“Last Sunday was mother’s day, an occasion to express gratitude to our mothers but also to reflect on the mat about motherhood as metaphor for creation and creativity.

Every time we dance, write, draw, try new clothes, put a pic on a wall but also when we are able to find new solutions to old problems we are tapping into our life-giving creative energy, we are bringing to light our inner world.

Sometimes though we may feel stuck, like a thick layer of dust is covering our innate capacity to express ourselves and here comes yoga to help ignite this dormant fire.

If you reflect about the above-mentioned creative activities or any other way you like to express yourself these are connected to two main elements.

Letting go feelings of shame, fear, guilt and flowing with the pleasure, with the fun of creating.

After yoga philosophy the themes of motherhood, creation and creativity belong to the realm of Svadisthana, the second chakra. Svadisthana, commonly translated as “sweetness”, rules the area of the pelvis and hips and is governed by the element of water. Channeling the sensual, liquid qualities of water in a yoga practice focused on a soft awakening of hips and pelvis will help us to flush away negative emotions and open up to the pleasures of creativity.

The polarity of shame-fear-guilt / pleasure-fun-joy reminds you of something else? Yes, you are right because the sweet second chakra rules also our physical creativity, our sensuality and sexuality, which are considered primal needs, second only to the first chakra, the chakra that governs our basic needs of food, shelter and safety.

So let’s allow ourselves to move creatively and intuitively and see where this sense of fluidity will travel us off the mat.

This was the main theme of a practice I offered on mother’s day at Live Yoga Center in Bogotà, I hope to meet you on the mat to explore this and other topics.”

Madeira Giacci


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